Before bone broth was cool, I would drink cups of bullion as tea. Now food trucks devoted to bone broth sling hot soup in the city streets. that bullion-drinking behavior seems shabby and I've had to step up my game.



Heres what I do:

1. I roast my bones (pork, lamb, or beef) for 45 minutes in a 400F oven

1.5 (chicken I don't roast-- the bones are too fragile. You can take THIS opportunity to learn from my mistakes--  if you roast chicken with a lemon in the cavity and are also a lazy person who throws the carcass in the freezer without removing the lemon DO NOT then continue your lazy ways, remove the lemon from the cavity before you submerge the bird in the broth. You are welcome.) 

2. I put the bones in a large stockpot. I add fresh herbs, a whole head of whole, peeled garlic cloves, a whole peeled onion. Whole peppercorns, a splash of vinegar, a little coconut aminos/soy sauce, and asian fish sauce. Sometimes some wine too. I add whatever limp aromatic refrigerator vegetables i have-- like ginger, leeks, etc. 

3. I add a generous portion of dried sugar kelp or digitata-- think an ounce. The hot liquid dissolves the kelp, and makes all them good minerals more available. Yum. 

4. Let this simmer as long as you can wait. Goal is 5 hours minimum, but it gets better the longer your leave it. Embrace the feeling of living in a meaty sauna. 

5. Strain, add salt to taste. 

The broth pictured below is a yearly routine that makes me feel rich AF. The day after I can tomatoes and have a lot of extra juice, I take all the chicken carcasses I've frozen throughout the summer and make this kelp+ bone broth. I add the reserved tomato juice from the canning process to the bone broth. It's off the hook. I freeze it and it gets me through the fall cold season. 

Three large glass jars of golden broth sit in a ray of light.

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  • yhvarbfumr on

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Sarah Wineberg on

    Hi Lucy! Its pretty soul crushing waiting all day for a nice golden bowl of broth with a slick of fat on top and then having it taste like lemon rind. I’m glad I’m not the only one! Let me know when you are in the neighborhood and I’ll deliver the goods for free :)

  • Lucy Birkett on

    Had to laugh about the lemon as i have done this too and maybe even more than once! Thanks for your recipe. I live in freeport with frequent excursion to daramariscotta region. looking forward to meeting you and trying your kelp.

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